Gedung Kuning and Haji Yusoff were featured in various Singapore newspaper articles

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Gedung Kuning featured in Malaysian newspapers


  • An Insider’s World: Singapore 101, National Library Board, Singapore, January 2010
  • Lehigh and Fulbright Alum Publishes Book, Lehigh University Fulbright Program, Office of International Affairs’ website, April 2010
  • Gedung Kuning and NOT Rumah Bendahara high, The Online Citizen, Singapore, 1 April 2013
  • A persistence in meaning, when a Mango Tree is more than just a tree,, Singapore, 3 May 2013
  • Nonchalant behaviour towards donors of artefacts,, Singapore, 3 Dec 2014



Gedung Kuning: The Politics of Contested Spaces in Singapore
IASTE 2014: Whose Tradition? Conference

Date: 14 – 17 December 2014
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Gedung Kuning: A Case Study of Commodification of Historical Architecture in Singapore 
GASS 2014: Great Asian Streets Symposium

Date: 11 – 12 December 2014
Venue: National University of Singapore, Singapore


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